Palestine Solidarity Week

28 Feb 2012: Mock Israeli Wall

PennBDS, in conjunction with Penn for Palestine, constructed a mock Israeli wall on Locust Walk.  We posted facts about Israel’s illegal Wall construction, its devastating effects on the Palestinian population, and its impact on regional security. The Wall included a copy of the 2004 ruling from the International Court of Justice that declared the Wall illegal.


Link to article in the school news paper


29 Feb 2012: Diana Buttu on Negotiating a True Peace in Palestine Israel

Diana Buttu is a Palestinian-Canadian lawyer and former spokesperson with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). She is currently a fellow at the Harvard Law School. She is best known for her work as a legal adviser and negotiator on peace negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian organizations, and she was the only woman on either negotiating team from 2000-2005. Buttu frequently comments on Palestine for international news media outlets such as CNN and BBC; is a political analyst for Al Jazeera International and is a regular contributor to The Middle Eastmagazine.  She maintains a law practice in Palestine, focusing on international human rights law.

Event sponsored by: Penn Political Science Department, Penn International Relations Department, Penn Women’s Center, Penn for Palestine, Temple SJP

1 March 2012: Items Banned from Gaza

PennBDS, in conjunction with Penn for Palestine, set up a table on Locust Walk with items banned from Gaza: wood, notebooks, musical instruments, newspapers, etc. We also had copies of the changing lists of items allowed in/our of Gaza and various quotes from Israeli officials regarding the illegal blockade.


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