Video Archive

Video footage from past events:

23 April: Protest against Islamophobia at Temple University (in conjunction with many other groups)

5 April: Captive Youth: Palestinian Political Prisoners and Human Rights by Jeff Pickert (in conjunction with Penn for Palestine)

29 March: Protest the Jewish National Fund’s Annual Gala (organized by PhillyBDS)

24 March: Human Rights Night with Nahrie Chung, Project North Korea, and Evan Hoffman, Radio Against Apartheid (co-sponsored by Penn Liberty in North Korea and Amnesty International at Penn) VIDEO COMING SOON!

29 Feb: Diana Buttu on Negotiating a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel (co-sponsored by the Penn Political Science Department, Penn International Relations Department, Penn Women’s Center, and Penn for Palestine) VIDEO COMING SOON!

28 Feb 2012: Mock Israeli Wall (in conjunction with Penn for Palestine)

Video footage from the 2012 BDS Conference:

Susan Abulhawa Keynote

Ali Abunimah Keynote

BDS and the Black Community (Rev. Graylan Hagler, Bill Fletcher, Jr., Rev. Carolyn Boyd)

BDS, Hillel, Anti-Semitism, and the Jewish Community (Rebecca Vilkomerson, Liza Behrendt, Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb)

The Academic Boycott (Prof Amy Kaplan, Prof Anne Norton, Prof Nikhil Singh, moderated by Prof J. Kēhaulani Kauanui)

Palestine and International Law (Prof Noura Erakat)

BDS and the South African Struggle (Bill Fletcher, Jr., Helena Cobban, et al., moderated by Prof Amy Kaplan)

BDS, Palestine, and the Media (Max Blumenthal, Philip Weiss, Helena Cobban)

Economics of Israeli Colonialism (Dr. Dalit Baum, Ahmed Moor)

The Zionist Response to BDS (Max Blumenthal, Prof Sarah Schulman)

Connecting to Grassroots Palestine (Bekah Wolf, Halla Shoaibi)

Direct Action and Spectacle (Alli McCracken, Lubna Hammad)

Talking to beginners about BDS, Israel, and Zionism (Pamela Olson, Kristin Szremski)

Launching a Successful Consumer Boycott (Nancy Kricorian, Hannah Schwarzchild)

BDS and Literary Expression (Susan Abulhawa, Remi Kanazi, Dina Omar)

BDS on Campus II: Academic Freedom (Bina Ahmad, Lamis Deek)


Archbishop Desmond Tutu endorses the BDS Conference

Rashid Khalidi’s video greeting to the PennBDS Conference

Omar Barghouti’s opening address to the BDS Conference 

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